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Name: naz3
Location: Duluth, Minnesota, United States

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wow, the summer flew by and now we are into the holidays.

Over the summer Essie, my parents, our neighbor, and I built our deck, and put up a fence around our house. I will post some picture to the site soon. We have also had some visitors that have stayed with us over the summer.

We recently had a "Nick and Essie Haunted House Warming Party". It was very fun with about 30 of the 50 people we invited showed up. Sorry we forgot to take any pictures of that event.

We will soon be celebrating thanksgiving this week from our hometown of Rochester, and when doing so we will be helping my parents move into their new home.

There was a quick update of our summer and fall. I think the pictures will tell more of what happened.

We love you all,


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