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Monday, May 07, 2007

Hello All,

Below is our flight & travel itinerary from our up and coming trip. The map of our route is in a previous post below. When we are gone we expect you all to leave us some comments! ;-)

See ya,

Flight Itinerary:
May 18th
Minneapolis to Chicago: Iberia 7021
1:40pm to 3pm
Flight duration: 1hr 20min

Chicago to Madrid, Spain: Iberia 6274
4:45pm to 7:45am May 19th
Flight duration: 8hrs

Madrid, Spain to Rome, Italy: Iberia 3612
9:00am to 11:20am
Flight duration: 2hr 20min

June 3rd
Venice, Italy to Madrid, Spain: Iberia 3627
7:50am to 10:15am
Flight duration: 1hr 45min

Madrid, Spain to Chicago: Iberia 6275
12pm to 2:15pm
Flight duration: 9hr 15min

Chicago to Minneapolis: American Airlines 2348
3:45pm to 5:20pm
Flight duration: 1hr 35min

Travel Itinerary:

Day 1 - Travel

Day 2 & 3 in Naples

Day 4-6 in Rome

Day 7 & 8 in Siena

Day 9-11 in Florence

Day 12 at Cinque Terre

Day 13 in Pisa

Day 14-16 in Venice

Day 17 Travel Back



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